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2002, 2017

Fishing on Akasha!

Akasha’s crew love fishing! And the tropical waters of the Caribbean are teeming, there is great blue water fishing especially when sailing between the islands.

2312, 2014

Feeling good underfoot….

Ready for the start of the 2014-2015 season, plush new carpets have been installed through-out the interior of the yacht.

2502, 2014

Media System Upgrade

We have recently upgraded Akasha’s media system – music and movies are available on-line through-out the yacht,  and televisions have been upgraded to High Definition.

810, 2013

Sailing in the British Virgin Islands….

The British Virgin Islands offer some of the best Caribbean cruising, from deserted beaches to pristine coral reefs, there are over 40 Islands to explore - most of which are uninhabited National Parks.